Importance of Spaying/Neutering your Pet


Importance of Spaying/Neutering your Pet


There are plenty of different decisions to make when you become a pet parent. One of the most important is deciding to get your new furbaby spayed or neutered. Spaying/neutering are two terms used to describe the removal of the reproductive organs of an animal so that they can no longer fall pregnant or impregnate another creature.


Deciding on this procedure can be a sensitive and sometimes controversial subject, but experts agree that this procedure, which is the most common elective veterinary surgery in the world, is essential for a variety of reasons.


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should make spaying/neutering your pet a priority.


1.    Spaying/Neutering Prevents Unwanted Pregnancy


The idea of puppies, kittens or other baby animals may seem adorably cute, but the fact is that they are both hard work and expensive. If you have a female that gets pregnant, not only will you have to put her through pregnancy and birth, which can potentially be risky for her health, but you will be left with anywhere from one to half a dozen or more offspring to care for. Many people who have been through the experience liken it to having a newborn human at home – times however many you have! In addition to raising them, you’ll also have to take the time to find appropriate homes for them all once they are old enough to leave their mom.


2.    Spaying Can Help Your Female Pet Live a Longer Healthier Life


There are numerous health benefits that female pets can experience when they are spayed. By removing their reproductive organs, females can no longer develop uterine cancer or a common uterine infection called pyometra which can be painful and potentially fatal. Their risk of breast cancer also dramatically decreases which is important since breast cancer is fatal in around 50% of dogs and 90% of cats.


3.    Neutering Your Male Pet Can Help Him to Live a Longer Healthier Life Too


The health benefits of neutering pets aren’t just for females. Males who have their reproductive capabilities removed are no longer able to develop testicular cancer, and their risk of prostate problems will be significantly reduced, helping them to live longer, happier lives.


4.    Spaying/Neutering Can Help With Behavioral Issues


Any animal can develop undesirable behaviors, but certain types are more likely in intact pets. Males who are unneutered can feel desperate to roam away from home to find a mate, may mark their territory by spraying urine and may even become slightly more aggressive. Meanwhile, females may also mark with urine, yowl and make other noises to try and attract a male to her. Neutering pets can drastically reduce these behaviors and will help ensure your home is a more harmonious place to be.


5.    Spaying/Neutering Helps to Counteract Overpopulation


Stray animals can become a menace in any community, causing problems with domesticated pets, preying on wildlife, causing damage to the area and even frightening children. Unfortunately, there are too many unwanted animals living either on the streets or in shelters, which are full to bursting point with pets waiting for permanent, loving homes. Shelters are so overpopulated that countless animals are put to sleep every year because there isn’t the space to accommodate them or the resources to care for them. By neutering your pet, you are taking a responsible and positive step to help counteract this overpopulation problem.



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