K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation


K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation

If you’re looking for a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for your pet, Highland Veterinary Clinic is proud to introduce K-Laser Therapy for pet rehabilitation. K-Laser therapy is a new treatment that promises excellent rehabilitation to enhance your pet’s comfort during recovery. It also hastens recovery.


What Is K-Laser Therapy?


K-Laser therapy uses precise red and near-infrared laser light wavelengths to produce a therapeutic effect in a targeted area. The rays increase the local blood supply, which, in turn, enhances tissue oxygenation. The rays also stimulate the immune system. With this effect, the targeted cells start to repair or regenerate faster. The healing reduces the pain and increases your pet’s comfort.


K-Laser therapy is ideal for conditions that are difficult to treat with pharmaceuticals. It also works well for conditions that take long to heal. The treatment is safe, powerful, and effective. Your pet enjoys increased comfort and mobility throughout the healing process.


What to Expect


When you come in for the procedure, expect that your pet will enjoy the therapy session. Animals find the treatment quite pleasant and comforting. Your pet remains peaceful throughout the treatment, and the vet does not need to restrain or sedate it. Also, there’s no need to clip the pet’s hair because it does not burn or get in the way. The laser produces very low, if any, heating, which is the reason some people refer to it as a cold laser.


After only the first appointment, you may notice some changes. But, for a significant improvement, the pet requires 3-8 treatment sessions. These treatments vary in length, ranging from 2-8 minutes. The doctor may choose to treat only one or multiple sites in one session. Most pets exhibit improved mobility and comfort only 12-24 hours after the treatment.


If your pet is in chronic pain, it requires more sessions per week. It may have two or three sessions per week for the first three weeks. After this, you can then taper the sessions to once a week for the next 4-6 weeks of treatment.


Benefits of K-Laser Therapy


K-Laser therapy rehabilitation produces many benefits. They include improved joint flexibility, expedited healing, reduced inflammation, and lessened pain. Vets also say that laser treatment produces high-quality tissue that is stronger than regular tissue. There’s also less scar formation and tension. For these reasons, K-Laser therapy is ideal for healing wounds from surgery and skin injuries.


Another benefit is that since the laser treatment is targeted, the treatment causes no or minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues. Also, laser therapy is painless, and the pet does not need any anesthesia.


Conditions That Improve With K-Laser Therapy


K-Laser therapy is useful for several conditions. It helps treat open wounds and ulcerations, edema, back pain, neurological conditions, and arthritis. It also soothes soft tissue trauma and injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The laser is also a valued complement to orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, neurology, and physiotherapy. Animal dental clinics and sports medicine clinics also use laser treatment often.


If you wish to place your pet on K-Laser therapy, visit our vets at Highland Veterinary Clinic in Evansville, Indiana. You can also call 812-710-4300 to request an appointment for a consultation.