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K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation

K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation

K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation


K-Laser Therapy for Pet Rehabilitation

Pet rehabilitation is another name used to describe physiotherapy for pets. The reason that rehabilitation is used instead is that physiotherapy is protected as a term that can only be used to describe the treatment in humans. K-Laser is a particularly popular technique for pet rehabilitation that has transformed the quality of life of many animals.


What is K-Laser?


K-Laser is a type of therapeutic laser technology that has been proven to be very effective at stimulating rapid healing, easing chronic pain and improving your pet’s mobility so that they can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Unlike many medical treatments, K-Laser is drug-free, non-invasive, and can be performed while your pet is awake, meaning that there is no need for anesthetic. 


When is Pet Rehabilitation Required?


There are lots of different circumstances in which rehabilitation may be recommended for your pet. Some of the most common reasons why an animal may be referred for this type of ongoing support include the following:

  • They are recovering from an injury such as a sprain, strain, break, or muscle weakness.

  • They have had surgery and need help to physically recover and regain their strength following their procedure.

  • They have a chronic problem with their musculoskeletal systems, such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or hip dysplasia

  • They have gait abnormalities

  • They have a wound injury

  • They have issues with swelling and circulation

  • They need to lose weight

  • They need to manage chronic pain


Your veterinarian will be able to advise you if your pet could benefit from undergoing K-Laser treatment. 


What are the Benefits of K-Laser for Pet Rehabilitation?


Some of the benefits associated with K-Laser for pet rehabilitation include:


Faster healing


If your pet has suffered an injury or undergone surgery, you may expect it to take some time for its body to heal. Fortunately, K-Laser has been proven to help expedite the rate of healing so that your pet can recover more quickly. It does this by initiating a process called photobiostimulation, which in turn enhances their body’s natural regenerative functions. The flow of oxygenated blood is stimulated, which brings essential nutrients to the areas which require healing, speeding up the process. 


Increased mobility


K-Laser also helps to improve your pet’s mobility so that they can enjoy moving around more easily, with less pain, and regain their quality of life. This is largely made possible by the reduction in inflammation that occurs as a result of using K-Laser. The flow of oxygenated blood to the joints helps to counteract inflammation, releasing tension trapped in the joint and facilitating improved range and ease of motion. 


Natural pain relief


No pet owner likes the thought of their animal becoming reliant on pain medication. Unfortunately, this is all too common in animals who are diagnosed with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The good news is that K-Laser is a great alternative to pain medications and can produce effects that last significantly longer. 


The treatment is very tolerable for your pet


Many owners have concerns about their pets undergoing any sort of veterinary treatment. Fortunately, K-Laser is a very tolerable treatment since it is completely painless and not frightening in any way. Most pets experience a mild, warming sensation in the area being targeted, but this is relaxing rather than alarming. You can usually stay with your furbaby throughout the procedure too, helping to keep them and you feeling reassured at every step. 



For more information on the benefits of K-Laser for pet rehabilitation, please get in touch with our expert veterinary team in Evansville, IN.