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Kitten Preventative Healthcare Plan

We take pride in providing our patients and their families with complete Veterinary Preventative Healthcare Plans for all lifestages.

Whether your cat is still a precocious kitten, or has now become a delicate elderly cat, you can peacefully enjoy the bond you have with your pet knowing that we have provided you and our pet care community with sensible, affordable, and compassionate preventative healthcare plans customized for each life stage. These plans help us work with you to defend your pet and your household against the threat of animal-related diseases, decrease ongoing medical and surgical expenses, and educate your family on progressive veterinary care. What's more? We reward you for choosing our plan and choosing veterinary protection for your pet.

Feline Pediatric Healthcare Plans for ages 6wks-6months

  • Physical Exam & Care Counseling: The physical exam is important because it is the first step in diagnosing illnesses or structural problems. This is done by close scrutiny of all of the visible systems from the nose to tail. A Veterinarian is as qualified as any medical doctor, to detect abnormalities that may not be apparent to the pet owner. Our medical training allows us to diagnose abnormalities. For example: feeling for abnormal abdominal structures--such as congenital hernias, listening to the heart and lungs and comparing current sounds to the previous visit, and examining the eyes and ears for discharge or breed differences that may reveal issues as your pet ages. Physical Exams and Enrollment for 6months are free with the Kitten Preventative Healthcare Plan.

  • Fecal Screens: A fecal exam is performed to check for intestinal parasites, microscopic protozoa, and occult blood. May parasites, particularly protozoan parasites, cannot be treated through over-the-counter "wormers" and most parasites can't be seen without the aid of the microscope. Parasites affect your Kitten's health, and can put your family and other pets at risk. Did we get them all? For pediatric patients we perform an initial screen, and a re-screen for free in 6months to catch any infection that may have been sub-clinical during the first screen, and to protect your household.

  • Inoculations & Boosters Against Danger: For all kittens, infectious diseases pose an even greater risk while the pet is young. Vaccinations must be boostered every three weeks between 6wks (when the kitten’s maternal antibodies are no longer effective) and 12 to16wks of age. Diseases that are common in our area of the country include Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Calici virus, as well as Feline Leukemia. While Rabies virus is not common in Indiana, state law and public health risk mandates that all kittens be vaccinated against this disease by 12 weeks of age.

  • Total Parasite Protection & Prevention: Who wants to worry about fleas, ticks, ear mites, heartworms and intestinal worms? Not only can parasites pose discomfort and inconvenience in the household, but our pediatric patients are very vulnerable to the direct and indirect diseases unchecked infection can cause. Because your kitten grows so quickly with each passing month, it's important to weigh your kitten in the clinic and continue a parasite prevention program as he or she grows!

  • Microchipping Provides Protection & Peace of Mind: 1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home. A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read. Every month, HomeAgain reunites 10,000 pets with the people that love them. A microchip implant takes just seconds at our clinic, and then your pet has permanent ID that will last its entire lifetime. The final step is to register your pet's microchip with HomeAgain, and we will do that for you in seconds over the internet. Continuing your account with HomeAgain is easy and costs less than $20.00 per year. We insert the microchip once your pet is 16wks of age during his/her booster visit or discounted spay/neuter visit.

Kitten Pediatric Preventative Healthcare Plan= $345.00

Pediatric Wellness Exams/Counseling & Enrollment
Any age 6wks-4months for 6months
Felin Pediatric Infectious Disease
Inoculations and Boostering
Intestinal Parasite Screen & Recheck
during Pediatric Lifestage
Internal and External Parasite Prevention
Program during Pediatric Lifestage
HomeAgain Microchipping and
Initial Full Year's Registration
Exams/Counseling/Rechecks over 6mths
(all visits from 6wks - 6months)
Intestinal Parasite, Heartworm, Flea &
Tick Prevention Customized Each Month for 6months
Respiratory Series
Rabies (3yr primary vaccine),
Certification, Tag etc.
Entire Distemper/Parvovirus SeriesFREE!

Rewards & Discounts!!

You've made a commitment to your puppy's healthcare--we are committed to you!

Quick and convenient booster visits: After the initial plan visit, PHP clients can rest assured that all boosters, behavioral and nutritional troubleshooting, recheck examinations, recheck fecals and customized parasite prevention can be administered for the full six months of enrollment. Simply budget for emergencies and medication for unforseen medical conditions. Your prevention is taken care of!
$25.00 off of total regular Spay or Neuter Procedure.

30% off of examination fees from 6months of age to 1 year of age: Enrollment as a puppy rolls over from 6months to 1 year--PHP Puppies status is maintained during their young adult phase as long as our pet parents continue with heartworm prevention and re-enroll their pet at 1 year of age during booster time.

Up to $3.00 off per night boarding*: If your planning on traveling and leaving your puppy in our care, you'll save on boarding each night--a savings that can really add up--and receive preferential booking during holidays and popular weekends. This discount rolls over during your puppy's young adulthood and with re-enrollment after 1 year of age.

And More!: All preventative healthcare plan patients receive other benefits and discounts throughout the year on services such as nail trims, baths etc.

HVC recommends that clients avoid boarding their pet at any facility until receiving their final vaccination boosters at 16wks of age.

**Highland Veterinary Clinic's Lifestage Preventative Healthcare Plans are intended for preventative care use, and to enroll a pet in a "discount membership" program for a period of 1 year through a package fee, and does not imply treatment or all illness or injury, nor do Lifestage Wellness Programs constitute "pet health insurance" or "indemnity property insurance." Highland Veterinary Clinic's Lifestage Preventative Healthcare Plans and offers related to the "discount membership" are not transferrable to any other veterinary facility. Pet parents continue to be responsible for following Highland Veterinary Clinic's financial policies and procedures as stipulated on the new client form for any and all medical or surgical procedures & conditions that fall outside the parameters of these Lifestage Preventative Healthcare Plans, due to medical or surgical diagnosis, treatment, illness or injury, and that payment is due at time of service. Lifestage Wellness Programs are individual packages and are non-transferrable to different or new pets. Each pet enrolled in the Preventative Healthcare Plan and the "discount memberships" provided follow the same pet through the year enrolled, and is not likewise non-refundable to the pet-owner should the enrolled pet become deceased, lost, surrendered, sold, or adopted. Every pet enrolled in a Lifestage Preventative Healthcare Plan and the "discount memberships" provided may follow the pet to new clients for the duration of the year enrolled under their new ownership (in other words, the program may be transferred to new owners, just not new pets).

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