Elective Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery actually uses high-frequency electromagnetic (radio) waves to cut and cauterize tissue. It's similar to electrocautery and laser surgery in its use of high energy waves to do its work. Radiosurgery has many advantages:

  • Precise Incision: Precision tips allow the veterinarian to have very excellent control over the surgical site, allowing surgery in delicate areas and areas where cosmetic effects are important (like eyelids)

  • Less bleeding - Less hemorrhaging is always more desirable, but the cauterizing capabilities of our unit allow us to do more in very vascular areas such as the nose, mouth, and tumors that amass a large blood supply.

  • Radiosurgery vs. Laser surgery - Lasers get a lot of coverage in the popular press with regard to surgical application. Lasers are highly marketable because they sound very cool--like something from the world of science fiction. In our opinion, however, lasers don't really offer any overwhelming advantages over radiosurgery in general veterinary surgical applications. Lasers cost about 10 times more than radiosurgical units, and veterinarians must charge a significantly extra fee for laser surgery. We can use our radiosurgical unit and provide our clients with the benefits they would expect with laser surgery, but charge a significantly lower fee!

  • Reduced risk of infection - A Radiosurgical unit sterilizes the site while it cuts!

  • Safety - Accidents with lasers can pose serious risks to operators, staff, and patients.

  • The possibility of an accidental occurrence of that magnitude with radiosurgery--well, let's just say we can't imagine it.

  • Pain Management - Post operative pain is minimized with radiosurgery, just as with laser surgery, when compared with traditional scalpel surgery.

Radiosurgery: all of the important advancements that lasers provide, but at a fraction of the cost!

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