Point of Care Laboratory Services & Diagnostics

Point of Care Diagnostics and Laboratory

We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures. Our integrated information system provides the most complete, thorough in-house testing available for a family veterinary practitioner and integrates the information so that it is accessible and available for our diagnosticians to interpret when our clients and patients need it most.

IDEXX in-house veterinary analyzers work together to give us actionable insights while your pet is in the practice. Our point-of-care analyzers were built to support each other, work quickly, and communicate seamlessly—like an extension of our team. Together, they can help us treat your pet more efficiently and provide our staff with advanced technology, tools, and experts to help you interpret results and determine the next steps.

IDEXX VetLab Station

Using two-way integration technology, the IDEXX VetLab Station synchronizes, organizes, and displays results from all of our IDEXX in-house diagnostics and IDEXX Reference Labs automatically. The VetLab Station eliminates manual data entry, integrates seamlessly with VetConnect PLUS—a backup cloud of your pet’s results, and records all results into the patient record within minutes.

Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer

Manages help us manage and monitor cases simply and efficiently with blood chemistry results in as little as 8 minutes. The Catalyst can test over 34 blood chemistry tests, and two hormone tests, monitors diabetes through Fructosamine levels, and can utilize samples as small as 1.5cc of blood with its onboard centrifuge.

SNAP Pro Analyzer

With ProRead software, our SNAP tests take care of themselves and eliminate human error in operation by automatically activating samples, timing, and interpretation of your pet’s SNAP test results.

The SNAP Pro can test for 10 different infectious diseases. The feline retroviral test and canine 4dx tests combine different infectious tests in one sample. You can know the answers within 10 minutes. The SNAP Pro also provides accurate and quick pancreatic testing and can monitor feline cardiac disease within minutes.

ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer

Within two minutes our hematology analyzer provides reference laboratory-quality results and can identify even the most subtle changes in your pet's complete blood count (CBC). The Procyte provides the broadest hematology test menu in the veterinary industry, with veterinary-specific algorithms for 17 species.

Your pet’s urinary health

The SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer provides advanced bacteria detection with high-resolution digital images. We can easily identify and classify urinary elements, by leveraging a database of 800 million patient images. The Sedivue Dx Confirms the absence or presence of bacteria and determines the next steps quickly. With this machine, we can review and share high-resolution, high-contrast images from fresh samples, in real-time.

The IDEXX VetLab UA Analyzer automatically reads and captures urinary chemistry strip results Save time and eliminate errors with one-button operation and results in about 80 seconds. This machine partners with us to accurately and automatically capture IDEXX UA Strip results and integrate them with the patient’s medical records. The machine minimizes human error by improving results with consistent interpretation and color compensation even for darkly colored samples.

Digital and Tele Radiology, and Cardiopet

Our digital and cloud-based radiology system also provides for teleradiology via VetMedStat—Idexx’s telemedicine specialists within minutes or days. Cardiopet EKGs can be interpreted by telemedicine so that a veterinary cardiologist can advise our vets, staff, and families within minutes or days when cardiac disease is apparent.

As our patient’s primary care veterinarians, we also work closely with referral laboratories, other local practices, and regional specialists as required, for total advanced diagnostics and care (Endoscopy, MRIs, cat scans, Radiation Therapy, Specialty Pharmacies, etc.).

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