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Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health


Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Pet dental health is a subject that cannot be over-emphasized. Your pet’s dental condition can reflect your pet’s general health and well-being. Poor dental health can mean poor overall health. To make sure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums, you need to take him to the vet regularly. You also need to find out ways to take care of your pet’s teeth and gums. It is important to find out the risks of poor dental health for your pet.


Dental Pain/Toothache


Your pet may be suffering from pain due to a dental problem. In many cases, dental pain can go undetected for a long time. You may not realize that your pet is suffering until the problem becomes serious. When they have a toothache, most pets will simply avoid chewing using the aching tooth. As the pain gets worse, you will notice other signs, including drooling, loss of appetite, bleeding, and swelling. Foul breath can indicate that your pet has a dental issue that needs to be treated.


Serious Gum Disease


Studies show that 75 percent of dogs and cats show signs of periodontitis by the time they are three years old. This is usually caused by plaque formation. Periodontal disease spreads due to poor dental health. The pet’s body will usually activate an autoimmune response to control the gum disease. Unfortunately, this response to bacteria also causes damage to the bones and gums. The result of this is bleeding, pain, and loss of teeth. With time, the pet’s teeth begin to fall out.


Liver and Kidney Disease


Oral inflammation will allow the bacteria in the mouth to get into the bloodstream. The bacteria circulate and travel around the body, getting into the organs. The bacteria often target the liver and kidneys, and this can cause serious diseases. There is evidence to prove that organ infection and failure can often be traced back to untreated canine dental disease.


Cardiac Disease


Chronic inflammation due to poor dental health can increase a dog’s risk of getting heart disease. The bacteria from the dental problem can cause endocarditis, an inflammatory condition. Cardiopulmonary conditions have been linked to periodontitis in animals. Dogs that have this dental disease have a high risk of getting congestive heart failure. This is a condition that is progressive and is potentially fatal. A pet with a heart problem should not be anesthetized for dental treatment as this could make the condition worse.


A Broken Jaw/Fracture


Poor pet dental health can lead to a broken jaw, especially in small dog breeds. The periodontitis can penetrate the small jaws and thin gums. A simple slip or bump can result in a fracture of the jaws. This problem may not be very common, but it is very painful, and it does not usually heal too well. Preventing the problem is the best way to help your pet.

Unfortunately, many pet owners fail to look inside their pet’s mouth. This means that they fail to notice dental health issues that can become a major problem down the line. Poor oral hygiene can put your pet at risk. It is important to ensure that your pet gets routine dental care. Regular vet visits should include a dental checkup.

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