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Tips for Boarding Pets with Anxiety

Tips for Boarding Pets with Anxiety

Tips for Boarding Pets with Anxiety


Tips for Boarding Pets with Anxiety

As caring and dedicated pet owners, we are fully prepared for the responsibility of caring for our animals 24/7. However, sometimes circumstances arise which means that we are unable to have our pets with us like we usually do. In this situation, many owners make the very responsible decision to place their pets into boarding.

Professional boarding facilities are largely considered to be the best place for animals to go when their usual human carers aren’t around. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, boarding facilities are usually designed specifically to accommodate animals for days or weeks at a time, with enough space to keep them separate from other pets and for them to be comfortable. Pet boarding facilities are also usually staffed by trained, experienced animal lovers who will look after your fur baby as if they were their own while you are apart. This gives you peace of mind that your pet will get the right nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, and any medications that are needed.


Some pets cope with boarding very well. Nevertheless, if your pet suffers from anxiety, putting them into boarding can be a very stressful time for both them and you. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Here are our top tips for boarding pets with anxiety.


Choose Your Boarding Facility Wisely


You want your pet to be in the best possible hands while you are apart, so make sure that you do your research and choose your boarding facility carefully, well ahead of when your pet needs to stay. Look for a facility that has lots of recommendations and positive reviews, spacious accommodation, and friendly, compassionate staff. It will feel easier to leave your pet if you know they are being very well cared for.


Ask Your Chosen Boarding Facility if You Can Bring Your Pet for a Visit


Many boarding facilities offer introductory or day sessions so that your pet can stay for a short interval before arriving for their longer vacation. An earlier visit or two can help to familiarize your pet with their surroundings, and this can help to ease any anxiety and fear that they feel.


Ask if You Can Bring Your Pet’s Food


Although most boarding facilities offer a variety of feeds, if your pet’s usual feed isn’t available you should always ask if you can provide your own. Many animals temporarily lose their appetite when they go into boarding as they adjust to their new environment, but it would be better and less stressful for your pet if they could eat the food that they are used to.


Pack Some Items from Home


Just as children like to take a cuddly toy or favorite blanket when they go and stay away from home, pets can benefit from doing this too. These are sometimes called transitional objects since they help animals transition between locations. They smell like home and remind your pet of you, and this can help them to manage their anxiety while you are apart.


Make Sure Your Chosen Boarding Facility Offers Lots of Stimulation


Animals that are bored are more likely to become stressed and to develop undesirable behaviors. Studies show that they are less homesick when they have lots of stimulation and socialization that helps to keep their mind occupied. Check that where you are boarding your pet has plenty to keep them busy while you are apart.


Keep Your Goodbyes Short and Sweet


Nobody likes saying goodbye when it’s time to leave their pet, but since animals can pick up on your emotional climate, it’s crucial that you try and remain calm and happy. Don’t make a big deal out of leaving and instead, keep your farewell short, sweet, and simple.


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