Top Ways to Protect Pets' Joints


Top Ways to Protect Pets' Joints

Joint problems in pets are common, but you can alleviate the pain your pet will be subjected to. Although joint pain on its own can cause a pet to live a life of pain and discomfort, there are steps you can take to make it better. Despite genetics playing a significant role in joint health, preventative care can also significantly affect it. 

You can take steps to ensure that your pet lives longer without joint pain and suffers less when it develops. The leading proponents of this approach are diet, exercise, supplements, and fish oil. With proper guidance from a vet, you can get this in motion as soon as possible.

Here are the top ways to protect your pets' joints.


Nutrition Starts Early

Nutrition is the first preventative care level for many diseases in our pets. When it comes to skeletal and joint issues later in life, nutrition will play a big part. Dogs will benefit more if they have a slow bone growth rate in the future rather than fast growth. You can ensure that they grow slowly by giving them nutrient-rich foods. 

Both cats and dogs need to have the correct weight to stay healthy throughout their lives. Weight plays a crucial role in joint and bone health. Overweight animals have extra load and strain on their joints, making them more prone to early arthritis.


Regular Vet Visits

It would be best to make regular vet visits to Highland Veterinary Clinic starting when your pet is young. It will help familiarize your pet with the vet and keep track of your pet's health. When the vet has been observing your pet since they were young, they will notice changes in their health and performance more efficiently.

One of the conditions that need early detection for management is arthritis. Early detection of arthritis means the vet can take measures to slow down its progression and minimize your pet's pain.


Exercise Your Pet

Did you know that too much exercise can be harmful to your pet? You can talk to your vet about how much exercise your pet needs for good bone growth and healthy joints. One of the things that can affect bone health in your pet is running for too long on a hard surface. This puts a lot of pressure on the joints of your fur baby. 

Dogs can learn how to swim, which is a better exercise due to the ease of the joints. You can set up a regular swimming schedule for your dog to enjoy the full benefits.




Supplements designed to boost joint health are a great way to maintain your pet's joints. Both cats and dogs have specific supplements that work well with them. Take your pet to the vet to assess the supplements they need to keep joint pain at bay.

Fish oil is one of the most valuable supplements that both dogs and cats can use. It contains powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to pets. They get rid of radicals, reduce inflammation, and minimize toxic damage.

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