Why It's Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally


Why It's Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

With so much time, energy, expertise, and specialized tools required to groom a dog properly, it usually comes as no surprise why it’s worth having your dog groomed professionally. This is doubly true if you have a large breed, fluffy dog or one with a few behavioral challenges. Grooming a dog is nothing like cutting a person’s hair, for instance. After all, it’s not like people go get a haircut and then opt-in for an anal gland cleaning before they hit the road. It takes practice, skill, and a special kind of tact to perform grooming tasks well, and that’s what a professional groomer is able to provide.


A Groomer Has The Proper Tools


Just like any trade, there are many different tools required to ensure a safe and effective grooming session. And you surely wouldn’t be so keen on using your personal trimmer or scissors to trim your dog. Your groomer has everything they need to make sure your dog is looking great, saving you from clogging up your drain.


From the right trimmers, proper tables, shampoos and conditioners, skunk-spray products, and even flea and tick products, a professional groomer is set up for any occasion. If you have a proud pedigree at home that attends breed shows, you can even get a world-class cut at most professional groomers as well.


Leave The Gross Stuff


Sometimes it’s okay not to take on all the gross stuff in your life. Sure, a certain amount of responsibility to clean up a mess here and there is to be had by all. Even so, this doesn’t mean you need to be addressing anal glands or skunk attacks. In fact, it’s not safe for you to do these tasks yourself – you can make a mistake and have a potentially irreversible negative impact on your dog’s health. Even professionals can make a mistake, and they are trained to handle these tasks.


Rather than taking the risk and doing these tasks yourself, leave it to the professionals. It’s not every visit that an anal gland is addressed. Some professionals suggest to leave it alone unless there is an issue already underway. A dog’s body is designed to take care of itself and does not typically require intervention under normal circumstances.


Free Up Your Schedule


For most people, time is a valuable commodity. Taking up a few hours to wrestle with rex and get him all cleaned up can be a tough time for many pet owners. Rather than trying to fit this into your schedule, free up your time to do the things you really want to do and leave the grooming to the pros. Sure, there is a cost associated with having your dog groomed. How much is your time worth? Can you perform all the required tasks safely and effectively on your own? How much would it cost you to acquire all the tools, training, and skills? This helps to put things into a better perspective so you can get the most out of your day.


They Are Great Handlers


Many senior pets can become unruly and anxious when it comes to grooming time. This can pose a risk to you if you attempt grooming yourself. This issue only worsens if you personally suffer from arthritis or achy joints, or find your dog is too heavy to handle safely. Often an unruly or aggressive senior pet needs to be mildly sedated to undergo grooming – something you can’t do at home, yet a service that your groomer or vet can provide.


Your groomer is also trained to look for skin and coat problems, ear, eye, nose, or oral issues, as well as signs of joint pain and other physical signs of distress. If something is found, it can be brought to your attention for further follow-up and treatment if needed.


Final Thoughts


There are many reasons why it’s worth having your dog groomed professionally, many of which have been covered here. The most important thing to note is the safety of your pet. Dogs can be unpredictable at the best of times and can get hurt if something goes wrong – or more, you can be injured. This can be avoided entirely by professional handling and the right tools for the job. If you’re interested in professional grooming or would like to know more call Highland Veterinary Clinic in Evansville, IN 812-867-6651. We always welcome new dogs to the grooming table!