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Dr. Gormley has 30 years of experience performing routine surgeries and has elected to master several more advanced techniques, including many orthopedic surgeries, as well. To minimize risk and maximize comfort, our anesthetic protocol includes in-house anesthetic screening, referral lab cancer screening when appropriate, cost-effective pre-anesthesia and post-surgical analgesia, and human-grade inhalant anesthesia & monitoring. We routinely utilize standard operating procedures in conjunction with progressive and time-tested anesthetic measures and best in care quality assurance to offer top of the line pre, induction, and maintenance anesthetic commonly used in pediatric and high-risk patients. Ask about our work with compounding pharmacies to offer unique pain management delivery techniques to dogs and cats. Highland Veterinary Clinic is also a Summus Cold Laser therapy facility for animals recovering from trauma and surgical techniques. Our surgical suite and surgical nursing techniques offer top of the line compassion, consistent monitoring, and care. Optionally we offer electrocautery surgical techniques via our radiosurgery unit.

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