Pet Grooming 101 – What Do Groomers Wish Their Clients Knew?


Pet Grooming 101 – What Do Groomers Wish Their Clients Knew?

When it comes to keeping your pet looking great, smelling fresh, and clean from head-to-toe, there is nothing better than professional grooming. Pet groomers have a large task to accomplish, more so than you may expect. It certainly is nothing like a person getting a haircut. After all, when was the last time you bit your stylist while getting an anal gland cleaning? In light of this vast difference, what do groomers wish their clients knew before getting to the grooming table? Let’s take a closer look.


Early Preparation Makes All The Difference

Pet grooming is a process that includes handling various tasks. A full grooming session can include everything from bathing and hair trimming to nail cutting and anal gland cleaning. From the earliest age possible (preferably as early as a few months old) it is good to prepare your pet for the kinds of handling procedures that will be included in a grooming session.


The least favorite experience of any groomer is performing a task that a pet is not prepared for resulting in a nervous, nippy, uncooperative reaction. You can help to make sure this does not occur by preparing your pet early. This can include things like handling their paws often (critical for nail clipping), brushing, bathing, and possibly even using hair clippers when they are in the room with you. The idea here is to make sure your pet develops a certain level of comfort around these areas.


Start Grooming Young

If you know that you plan on using professional grooming services with your pet in the near future, it is best to start them when they are still very young. Some people think puppies and kittens don’t require grooming because their coat is still soft and fluffy. Even so, introducing your young pet to the grooming table early in their life can create a sense of comfort and routine that makes things much easier for your groomer – and for your pet.


Wash, Brush, and Clip Regularly

Having a home hygiene routine in place will make the grooming experience much easier. Regularly washing and brushing your pet can help to keep the coat matte-free and allows your pet to get used to the experience of being handled in this way. Gently cleaning debris from ears, eyes, and nails can help to prevent uncomfortable build-ups that can be more challenging to remove during the grooming session. If you feel comfortable clipping your pet’s nails periodically, this can also help. This again builds a behavioral tolerance for when your groomer needs to check these areas as well.


Be Specific, Keep Calm, and Trust Your Groomer

If you have a specific style in mind for your pet, let your groomer know what you want. Bring in a photo and share your thoughts. Also, if you only want a nail clipping and a quick wash instead of a full grooming process, be specific about your needs. Communication goes a long way in getting what’s best for everyone.


Once your pet is on the grooming table, stay calm. Your pet will be able to sense any nervousness you may have and become agitated themselves. Trust that your groomer is well trained and is prepared to perform a great job. You don’t have to come in and check on them to see if everything is going well. This is actually counterproductive as it gets your pet excited making it more difficult to complete the grooming tasks.


Avoid Fur Matting

Your groomer can’t stress enough just how important matte-free fur can be. Matting can be very uncomfortable for your pet and can create all kinds of problems. It is best to catch them early – or prevent them altogether – by regular brushing and bathing. If there is already a build-up of large matting fur, let your groomer handle it. It can be dangerous to remove matting fur that has been there for a long time without knowing what to look out for.


Final Thoughts

So, what do groomers wish their clients knew? Simply that your next visit to the groomer is going to be great. If it’s your first time, try to get your pet used to some of the things that will happen during a grooming session. If you have a young pet, begin training them now. Go in for an introductory grooming session so they can establish a relationship with the feeling of being handled and groomed by someone else. Contact us and reach out to our local Evansville, IN groomer today and see what you can do to prepare your pet for a regular professional grooming routine.