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Adult Canine

Adult Canine

Adult Canine

Adult - Canine - House Pet - Age 3yrs - 5yrs

Our Preventative Healthcare Plans allow our attending veterinarians to offer a reward program, based on professional services, for preventative screening. Your veterinary team will evaluate your pet’s predominant breed, age, medical history, lifestyle, and condition to create a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)—identifying your pet’s risk for potential disease. During this evaluation, we can have a family discussion, creating actionable items and a vaccination plan. Our goal? To guard your pet against infectious diseases, and allow us to manage other non-infectious diseases or conditions should they occur.

Components of this Lifestage Program

  1. Comprehensive Physical Examination

  2. 4Dx Heartworm Screen (also checks for tick borne disease)

  3. Microscopic Fecal Flotation Exam

  4. Urine Chemistry

  5. Annual Healthcare Planning (Based on Medical History, or Lifestyle)

Adult Pet Dogs – Healthcare Information

Characteristics: Adult dogs are around average 30-37 in human years old. They are active, curious and loyal. Adult dogs crave enrichment and attention. They can settle into old patterns easily.

Prone to: Injuries; Emerging allergies, Dietary sensitivities; Obesity; Urological disease, Parasites; Infertility after 5yrs; Various Parasites—level and type is dependent on lifestyle; Heartworm Disease (all dogs)

In addition to healthcare:
Maintain your dog’s exercise program. Activities that require increased attention such as cycling, jogging, and agility can be used to maintain fitness and happiness.

Maintain monthly grooming. Note any changes in skin character early to avoid chronic infection. Use a highly digestible food appropriate for your adult dog’s energy needs, made with whole foods, which maintains an appropriate urinary pH, but keep your dog’s GI tract from harm. Fitness can avoid early joint degradation. Continue your pet’s oral hygiene regimen, focus once yearly on your pet’s dentistry needs. Consider supplements based on your pet’s unique fitness, care, and medical history.

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