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Early Adult Canine

Early Adult Canine

Early Adult Canine

Early Adult – Canine – House Pet - Age 6 months - 2 years

Our Preventative Healthcare Plans allow our attending veterinarians to offer a reward program, based on professional services, for preventative screening. Your veterinary team will evaluate your pet’s predominant breed, age, medical history, lifestyle, and condition to create a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)—identifying your pet’s risk for potential disease. During this evaluation, we can have a family discussion, creating actionable items and a vaccination plan. Our goal? To guard your pet against infectious diseases, and allow us to manage other non-infectious diseases or conditions should they occur.

Components of this Lifestage Program

  1. Comprehensive Physical Examination

  2. 4Dx Heartworm Screen (also checks for tick borne disease)

  3. Fecal Centrifugation Examination

  4. Annual Healthcare Planning (Based on Medical History, or Lifestyle)

Early Adult Pet Dogs – Healthcare Information

Characteristics: Young dogs are energetic and thriving! They are keen to learn and to play. Some young dogs are head-strong and rebellious (like teenage humans).

Prone to: Accidents and injuries; Escapism; Accidental ingestion; Emerging allergies and behavioral health issues; Reproductive maturity depending on status; Internal parasites if not adequately eliminated during the puppy phase; Heartworm Disease;

In addition to healthcare: Plan on re-assessing your dog's bedding and accessories as your pet grows in both size and Iearning ability (consider obedience classes with a qualified professional, a gentle leader for training, or durable toys for active "chewers").

Training should emphasize impulse control and leadership for housedogs and agility or tracking training for working dogs. This life stage requires an average of 2hrs of aerobic exercise per day (tug or fetch only if your dog obeys the rules).

Maintain monthly grooming and a nutritious food appropriate for adult dogs with your pet’s lifestyle energy needs. Practice brushing your pet's teeth, and any other lifestyle related activities—such as our travel, socialization and activities at our local dog park

Consider the HomeAgain Pet Recovery and Microchip system for your pet if you haven't already selected a microchip service yet—their recovery rate is superior. Peace of mind is well worth this one-time investment.